eCommerce Growth Strategist

Do you see dozens of potential improvements by simply looking at the website? 

Do you get excited when testing your ideas and building profitable eCommerce funnels?

How about those goosebumps you get when achieving epic results?

If you can relate to all of the above, we have the right spot under the sun for you. 

Expand your knowledge and expertise working with international fast-growing eCommerce brands. Join our team here at WeScale to scale businesses from 4 to 7, even eight figures in monthly revenue, within less than a year. Yes, you've read it right - less than a year. But you know what the best part is? We only work with 5-7 hand-picked brands that we trust in. Brands that impact the world positively. 

Just imagine what your, as an eCommerce Growth Strategist impact will be like. Not only will you scale brands & maximize their ROIs with a multichannel strategy, but you will also be changing millions of people's lives in a positive & meaningful way. 

Sounds like an exciting opportunity? Keep reading. 

Responsibilities = Leading 3-4 client accounts to become 7-figure businesses by: 

  • Developing cross-channel strategies (FB/IG ads, Google ads, email, CRO, landing pages) 
  • Running Facebook ads with budgets ranging from 30K to 900K €/month  
  • Orchestering audits of Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, and email marketing platforms to find new opportunities to grow
  • Working closely with clients to identify and test innovation and expansion opportunities: optimizing offers, opening new markets, testing sales channels, different creatives, and copy
  • Leading and doing Rapid testing and implementing new ideas in a short amount of time with WeScale team members 
  • Setting up KPIs, tracking plans, and dashboards for clients
  • Conducting user research and testing to optimize performance further
  • Pitching your ideas on how to improve internal processes in WeScale 

Perfect fit for the role 

  • Have at least 3+ years of experience working with a fast-growing eCommerce company that generates more than 5 million € in yearly revenue or have experience working with performance marketing agencies.
  • B2+ level English - working proficiency
  • Experience with FB/IG ads, spending a minimum of 100,000 € a year per one eCommerce project.
  • A data-driven person with an entrepreneurial mindset that loves fast-paced testing 
  • Excellent understanding of Google Analytics, Email marketing, CRO, and goal-driven eCommerce management
  • Self-learner who follows international eCommerce trends, loves listening to podcasts, reads books, participates in like-minded communities, webinars, and conferences 
  • Strong communication skills and experience with partner management and teamwork 
  • Respect the deadlines and honors promises 
  • Personal confidence and "get things done" attitude 

How we can work together 

  • This is a full-time position
  • We have a wonderful spacious office in Črnuče, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and we are also open to remote work.

How WeScale your career: 

  • Unlimited growth opportunities at speed you like with a group of smart, like-minded people
  • Budget and career development plan to learn from globally accomplished experts who are authorities in this field (no bullshit) 
  • Personalized attention to career development and professional progress with top management and external mentors.
  • We innovate and always experiment with new channels and formats; you will have lots of room to evolve and grow professionally while trying new things.

Sounds like you? 

Excellent. We would love to meet you. 

Apply today at

Have you got any questions? 

Ping us at, and we will sort them out.  

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