Email marketing specialist

Are you a Klaviyo enthusiast with a strong drive to increase the lifetime value of clients?

Are you impressed by the fact that up to 30% of all purchases can come from email marketing?

Hungry for the challenge of working with international client bases within between 10,000 to 100,000 active contacts?

Look no further. WeScale is the place to be.

Join our team that masters scaling clients from 4 to 7 digits monthly revenue in less than a year. We work with clients hand in hand as a boutique agency. You will be able to focus and evolve your skill set.


  • Drip campaigns and funnel optimization for higher LTV
  • Independent management of email campaigns for 3-4 clients at a time in association with copywriters and designers
  • Drive email acquisition campaigns (pop-ups, lead generation, etc.)
  • Advanced segmentation of clients and leads
  • Reporting and optimization of email marketing campaigns
  • Cooperation with the team in the preparation of promotions and campaigns
  • Cooperation with the team in setting up an email marketing strategy

Perfect fit for the role:

  • At least 3 months experience in email marketing - Preferably Klaviyo 🙂
  • Management of email marketing campaigns for eCommerce businesses with more than 50K revenue per month
  • Proven knowledge and experience in setting up email automation campaigns in eCommerce (welcome, activation, cart abandonment, VIP customers, churned)
  • Experience with the segmentation of contacts and managing campaigns for multiple languages and product groups
  • Excellent communication skills

How can we work together

  • Full-time position
  • Performance-based rewarding system
  • Besides employment, you can work with us also as a sole proprietor (s.p.) or Ltd.
  • We have a wonderful spacious office in Črnuče, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and we are open to remote work as well

How to WeScale your career:

  • Opportunities to work with fast-growing eCommerce businesses, where there is a vast room to experiment and to break all-time records
  • Budget and career development plan to learn globally accomplished experts who are on top of their game
  • We innovate and always experiment with new channels and formats
  • Excellent working environment with a strong focus on process management and communication excellence to overcome the challenges of remote work


Do you have any questions?
Ping us at, and we will sort them out.
We promise to get back to you shortly.

Good luck & hope to welcome you to the team of eCommerce scalers soon!

About WeScale:
WeScale is a boutique, performance-oriented marketing agency for eCommerce companies with high growth potential. By bringing together people with eCommerce performance marketing experience in more than 120 projects globally, from small, medium, and large companies, and a combined generated revenue of more than 100 million EUR for our clients, our main goal is to scale together in trusted partnerships.

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